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Saturday, 7 July 2012

The truth..

The person who always gives in is the person who will always gets hurt in the end.

Don't you guys agree? Because people tend to take advantage once they know you always give in. Sometimes the reason you give in or go extra miles for that person is so that you can make that person happy, but in return they don't appreciate it :( sad to say but it's the truth.

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Saturday, 21 January 2012

My 1st solo flight on d 19/1/12

Hello all..sorry for not updating for a period of time..was busy preparing for flights as well as getting enough rest as possible..

So far everything are good from my sny flight to my 1st solo..although I still need to get use to d time and job..waking early and sleeping late..

My 1st solo flight was to Manila!! My crew was so nice to me..they taught me a lot because it was my 1st B738 fleet..thank u so much guys!!

Manila night stop was awesome..went to SM mall and also the night market..spend so much time bargaining..hahahah!! Even the guys are GOOD!!

Kinda sad though because I won't be able to go back Sabah for Chinese new year..sigh..doing kul/bki/kul I wish its a night stop flight instead of turn around..

Oh well,this is the price to pay for being a cabin for those who are thinking of becoming ready to not have off day on d festival that you celebrate unless your damn lucky or you mutual sway with other people..

GONG XI FA CHAI to everyone!!! Hope the dragon year brings you prosperity and wealth..n of cx good health!!

Ps. I'm born in d year of d dragon :)

Yummy cheese!!!

Bubble tea!!

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Wednesday, 4 January 2012


After months of exams & training,finally I'm done! Starting my sny tomorrow! To Xiamen in A332 n working in GCC!! Nervous like hell!!

But I'm looking forward to my solo flight because I get 4 night stop at kk! Yeah! At least I get to meet my family & friends at kk after so long.. Miss my family so much :( 1st time I celebrate Christmas & new year away from home.. Well..d bright side is I spend it with my love :)


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Thursday, 15 December 2011

My 1st flight..

Had a wonderful IOE experience yesterday..blessed to have such a helpful n willing to teach crew as well and CCIC..they taught me a lot & let me help them out too..had 1st hand experience in serving the meals..hehehe..

Flight to Kuantan,served juice n peanuts..hehehe..helped out wit d peanuts but d drinks was so heavy..couldn't do Tat..need to learn n improve on that..

Flight to Bangkok,was a meal sector,so we served meals n I helped out serving was a reli wonderful experience..

My crew did excellent job & the passengers was very nice yesterday.. For me,the best part was when I greet the passenger when they embark the seeing their smiles n responds when I greet them really made me feel good :)

Will be starting my SNY 4th of Jan..hope I'll do good that time..

Btw,I got my announcement rating result on tuesday :) it wasn't a perfect 5 but at least I got 4..looks like I'll be doing announcement in flight when my CCIC wants me to..heheh..

The best part is that today is a holiday for me!!! Yeah!!! So I'm laying on bed & trying to get as much rest as I can get before I need to report for duty tomorrow..

Happy Thursday everyone!!

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Sunday, 11 December 2011

TIESTO 10/12/11

Went to Tiesto last night!! My 1st rave party :) It was do damn pack n congested!! Really enjoyed it with my love <3 although there were so many people n damn freaking hot!!! But it was all worth it ^^ Thanks love for the wonderful time!!!

About my training..had Get Speaking Right d whole week..announcement rating will be this coming Tuesday..lets see how it goes..not putting much hope into it though..if I'm rated then good job crystel..if not,then it's okay :) life still goes on..

Monday public holiday!!! Thank God I'm in selangor area!! Long weekend for me :) Monday holiday, tuesday announcement rating,Wednesday IOE!!! Can't wait!!! Flying to Kuatan & Bangkok^^

That's all for now..til my next update :) Ciao~

Photos taken at TIESTO Last night..

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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Saturday at sunway

Spend d day wit my love at many sales!! OMG!!! But I'm broke :( SO SAD!!!! cannot shop!!! Oh well..mayb next year then..when I start flying n earn allowance..for now..TAHAN!!!

Decoration hanging above the skating ring..

Me n my love :)

Happy Saturday everyone!! N MERRY CHRISTMAS in advance..

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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Get Speaking Right 2

Today we had our Get Speaking Right 2 will go on for 8 days..basically it's a class to train and polish our pronunciation for our announcement on flight..but before we are allowed to do so,we need to be rated 1st..if u get 3 n below,your not allowed to do order to be allowed to do announcement on board,we are required to get either 4 or 5.. We will be rated on the last day of our class which will be on the 13th of this month..

We actually learned quite a lot even though it's only the 1st day of GSR2..

This are few of our exercises.. It's actually quite interesting and fun..and this really helps in improving our pronunciation..which is a good thing :)

7 more days to go until the day we are rated which will give us the green light to do announcement on board..

After that IOE!!! Yeah!!! Can't wait!!

This is something I drew in class just now.. hehe..Drew this just for my love :) <3

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